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Indulgence is fly in ointment of Quentin Dupieux comedy ‘Mandibles’

The Daily Californian 28 Jul 2021
Indulgence is fly in ointment of Quentin Dupieux comedy ‘Mandibles’ Magnolia Pictures/Courtesy ... It was youthful and vibrant, palpable — a degree of energy that eludes French director Quentin Dupieux, even with a can-you-top-this film of his own ... The rest of the film is caught in a seaside afternoon glow ... Dominic Marziali covers film.

S.A. Cosby cuts to the bone in ‘Razorblade Tears’

Tampa Bay Times 28 Jul 2021
Because of my work, I usually read two or three books at a time, switching around after a few chapters and taking several days or more to finish a book ... But they have a couple of things in common ... The exuberant but choreographed violence in Razorblade Tears might remind you of Quentin Tarantino’s films, just one of the influences that struck me ... .

Lucy Liu gets personal on fame, art and standing up for herself on the ‘Charlie’s ...

The Los Angeles Times 27 Jul 2021
There’s not a lot of Asian presence in media, television, film ... Against the odds, Liu, 52, is now a household name and one of Hollywood’s biggest Asian American stars thanks to memorable turns in television (“Ally McBeal,” “Elementary,” “Why Women Kill”) and film (“Shanghai Noon,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Kill Bill Vol ... (Andrew Cooper / Miramax Films).

The Olympic move that was never supposed to happen

CNN 25 Jul 2021
(CNN)The man who revived the Olympic Games after 1,500 years saw them as the "quadrennial celebration of the springtime of humanity." ... Read More ... the athletes themselves." ... Delta fears ... Mitch McConnell, Rep ... He can seem earnest to the point of self-parody, so old-school that he looks like a Jimmy Stewart character dropped into a Quentin Tarantino film ... .

10 Weirdest Movies Quentin Tarantino Actually Wanted To Make

What Culture 23 Jul 2021
As directors go, Quentin Tarantino has ... A Kung-Fu Film Written Entirely In Mandarin ... Inspired by Zhang Yimou's House of Flying Daggers after seeing it at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, Quentin began work on a second homage to the genre - one to be written entirely in Mandarin.

Up The Ladder: Touch A Life Productions

Videoage 23 Jul 2021
Originally from Brazil, Percario will develop film projects with the production company ... Percario previously produced the film Be(lie)f with Quentin Lee Murphy.

Mandibles, a Comic Vision of Our New Dark Age

National Review 23 Jul 2021
Quentin Dupieux’s films aren’t classy enough to make the festival circuit, which is to their credit ... More in Film ... Best Films of 2021 So Far ... At first, I compared Dupieux’s horror-farce Deerskin to the films of his American-named twin Quentin Tarantino for its satire of moviemaking mania and outré violence.

Review: “Mandibles”

Washington Square News 23 Jul 2021
Written and directed by renowned absurdist Quentin Dupieux whose credits include “Rubber” — a film about a murderous telepathic tire — and “Deerskin” — a film about an amateur filmmaker with a lust for blood and an obsession with deer — “Mandibles” is expectedly far out.

Summer’s Funniest Movie Is a Sublimely Stupid French Comedy

Vanity Fair 23 Jul 2021
Easy money ... This is the premise of Rubber director Quentin Dupieux’s latest film Mandibles, available on demand July 23 ... Of course, one of the ironies at the center of Mandibles is that the most discerning person ini the film is dismissed because she cannot communicate respectably ... — The Worst Person in the World Is the Best Film at Cannes So Far ... — .

What Ted Lasso knows about Joe Biden

CNN 23 Jul 2021
(CNN)Every presidential era has its pop-culture avatar ... The Reagan era offered up associations with Top Gun, with its swaggering confidence and military posturing ... John Avlon ... Read More ... He can seem earnest to the point of self-parody, so old-school that he looks like a Jimmy Stewart character dropped into a Quentin Tarantino film ... Opinion ... .

Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; A Novel by Quentin Tarantino

Hindustan Times 22 Jul 2021
Quentin Tarantino’s love for the printed word has always been in bold. His films share the ambitions and anatomy of a novel, divided into clear-cut chapters ... Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; A Novel by Quentin Tarantino ... Quentin Tarantino (Shutterstock) ... Prahlad Srihari is a film and pop culture writer.

10 Movie Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

What Culture 22 Jul 2021
... home on a gleaming high, ensuring that they're satisfied and will recommend the film to their friends ... Though we see several of Joe's heirs perish throughout the film, in the final scene one of them still remains - the physically disabled Corpus Colossus (Quentin Kenihan).

When violence is rewarded

Sify 22 Jul 2021
The Cannes festival traditionally bestows the Palme d'Or on films that are off the beaten path - the kind that would not see large releases if not for the prestigious award ... Titane is as violent a film as any, so grisly that it saw walkouts during its premiere at Cannes ... A film is not bound to answer yes to any of the above.

5 extraordinary moments from Lady Gaga's inspiring career that capture her legacy

India TV 22 Jul 2021
The imaginative music video made references to famous action films, paying tribute to acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino ... Her film debut in A Star is Born. Lady Gaga made her film debut with A Star is Born, a remake of the 1954 version of the romantic drama film.

‘Mandibles’ Film Review: Absurdist French Comedy Doubles Down on the Dumb

The Wrap 22 Jul 2021
The films of French director Quentin Dupieux spin self-contained worlds that revolve around absurd obsessions ... This time, the summer film’s usual washed-out, sun-baked color palette and hazy atmosphere, provided by Dupieux’s own cinematography, in collaboration with his life partner, production designer–art director Joan Le Boru, is a trap.

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