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The Revenant Director Alejandro González Iñárritu Has Begun Filming His Next Project, and More News

Rotten Tomatoes 06 Mar 2021
This week’s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Dungeons & Dragons, Hello Kitty, and Searching 2 ... ALEJANDRO GONZÁLEZ IÑÁRRITU HAS BEGUN FILMING HIS NEXT PROJECT ... The project, called Limbo, is now filming on location in Mexico City.

Star Trek: Discovery Writer Kalinda Vazquez Tapped to Write New Star Trek Movie

The Escapist 05 Mar 2021
The studio has been struggling with launching its next Star Trek film, but it has now tapped Star Trek ... The studio has been struggling to get anything off the ground since Star Trek Beyond released in 2016, even at one point having Quentin Tarantino lined up to write/direct the next film.

A Lovely Look at Leonardo DiCaprio from the 90s Until Now

Hollywood 05 Mar 2021
The last time Leonardo DiCaprio graced our presence on screen was in the Quentin Terentino film Once Upon a Time is Hollywood with actors Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie ... The rivalry continues with this 2012, Quentin Tarantino film where Leonardo DiCaprio plays Calvin Candie, an ...

Keep An Eye Out Critiques Our Social and TV Habits

National Review 05 Mar 2021
The French absurdist Quentin Dupieux works fast — he’s made ten films in ten years — forcing his imagination to keep pace with reality while always trying to satirize it ... More in Film ... Two New Russian-Film Imports Challenge Narratives of the Biden-Harris Era ... More in Film & TV.

6 new Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and HBO Max movies and shows to watch this weekend

Games Radar 05 Mar 2021
If you're in the US, Quentin Tarantino's debut feature Reservoir Dogs is now available to watch, too ... Miramax Films) ... Quentin Tarantino's debut movie Reservoir Dogs, released in 1992, ... According to Tarantino, the movie was inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 1956 film noir The Killing.

5 Reasons Why Pulp Fiction Will Always Be Quentin Tarantino's Best Movie

Cinema Blend 04 Mar 2021
What is the best Quentin Tarantino movie? I know what you’re probably thinking ... I asked you what the best Quentin Tarantino movie is ... Because Quentin Tarantino has had a really interesting career ... No, thematically, plot-wise, character-wise, you name it, Pulp Fiction is the film that takes the most risks out of Quentin Tarantino’s entire career.

New Star Trek Movie Coming From JJ Abrams, Kalinda Vazquez

Collider 04 Mar 2021
After numerous rumors and false starts, including ones from oddball auteurs like Quentin Tarantino and Noah Hawley, it looks like a new Star Trek film is finally vaulting past the stratosphere — and perhaps to Paramount+? ... Discovery writer Kalinda Vazquez will be writing the screenplay to a new Star Trek film for Paramount Pictures and J.J.

Review: Irish crime comedy ‘Pixie’ relies on Olivia Cooke to cast a spell

The Los Angeles Times 04 Mar 2021
The Times is committed to reviewing theatrical film releases during the COVID-19 pandemic ... The film opens with big Quentin Tarantino energy, circa “Pulp Fiction,” which is almost never a good sign ... And the culmination of Pixie’s quest seems completely mishandled, almost shrugged off in a way that undercuts the entire film. Advertisement ... Rated ... Playing.

Matthias Schonerts is the new Janko

Swords Today 02 Mar 2021
In 1966, Canal + and Sky Studio announced a new installment of the famous spaghetti western character Janko’s adventure, created by Sergio Corbuchi, and appeared in a total of 31 films in one form or another (including QuentinUnchained Janko’ Tarantino).

Like Pablo Hasél, Spain wants me jailed for rap lyrics – but artists must not self-censor

The Observer 01 Mar 2021
The arrest of Pablo Hasél this month, a Spanish rapper – like me – who is accused of glorifying terrorism and insulting the monarchy in his lyrics, didn’t surprise me ... But it wasn’t ... Hasél has the same right to do what he does as Quentin Tarantino does to show violence in his films, or Nabokov did to write about a man infatuated with a child ... .

10 Best Robert Rodriguez Movies, Ranked According To Metacritic

Game Rant 28 Feb 2021
A Dame To Kill For,�which couldn't quite match the previous film with a Metascore of 46.1 Grindhouse (2007) - 77. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino reunited for 2007's�Grindhouse, which celebrated the 70's low-budget splatter/exploitation genre films with a pair of homage films released together like classic theater double features.

Russo brothers’ opioid crisis drama ‘Cherry’ mixes indie film spirit with epic flair

Cleveland 25 Feb 2021
Russo brothers come home, team up with sister to make ‘Cherry,’ their most personal film yet ... A smaller, more intimate story of a young Army veteran battling opioid addiction, “Cherry” has the beating heart of an indie film wrapped in the sweeping, epic flair of a Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone or Ang Lee movie.

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